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# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
105/04/2024Agriculture Department Balochistan Jobs 2024 17/04/2024
205/04/2024Deceased Quota Jobs Agriculture Engineering Dept Balochistan20/04/2024
302/09/2023Reserved seat Balochistan Admissions agriculture university 11/09/2023
411/07/2023Admissions on Agriculture Reserved of Balochistan in BZU Un19/07/2023
520/06/2023Admissions Balochistan Quota Pir Mehar Ali Shah University24/07/2023
609/06/2023Interviews Agriculture Extension Department Balochistan Jobs19/06/2023
724/02/2023Agriculture Research Department Balochistan Jobs 202320/03/2023
801/02/2023 Extension Agriculture Department of Makran Division Jobs13/02/2023
926/01/2023Extension in Agriculture Department Balochistan Jobs 202313/02/2023
1024/01/2023Agriculture department Balochistan Test Interview 202306/02/2023
1129/12/2022Test & Interview in Agriculture Research Department 202311/01/2023
1228/11/2022Agriculture Research Department Balochistan Jobs 202226/12/2022
1324/11/2022Agriculture Engineering Balochistan Jobs 202223/12/2022
1428/10/2022Test & Interview Schedule of Crop Reporting Services 202213/11/2022
1524/10/2022Agriculture Department Balochistan Extension Jobs 202209/12/2022
1606/10/2022Jobs in Agriculture Department & Crop Reporting Services 20/10/2022
1724/09/2022Jobs in Agriculture Department Crop Reporting Services 202220/10/2022
1803/09/2022Jobs in Agriculture Engineering Department Balochistan 202210/09/2022
1928/06/2022 Jobs in Agriculture Extension Department Balochistan 202229/07/2022
2012/05/2022 Agriculture Extension Balochistan Jobs Interview schedule 12/05/2022
2106/04/2022Agriculture Department Balochistan Crop Reporting Test 202227/04/2022
2203/03/2022Agriculture Department Crop Reporting Balochistan Jobs 2022 24/03/2022
2305/02/2022Agriculture Department Balochistan Test Interviews17/04/2022
2419/12/2021Jobs in Pakistan irrigation Department of Balochistan 07/01/2022
2515/10/2021Interviews Agriculture Extension Department Balochistan19/12/2021
2612/05/2021Interviews Agriculture Department Crop Reporting Balochistan23/06/2021
2704/05/2021Interviews Agriculture Engineering Department Balochistan13/07/2021
2827/02/2021Agriculture Department Balochistan Research Wing Jobs 202123/04/2021
2925/02/2021Agriculture Department Balochistan Jobs 202123/04/2021
3022/02/2021Agricultural Engineering Department Balochistan Jobs 202112/03/2021
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