Board of Revenue Sindh Jobs

# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
107/08/2023Revenue Department Rakshan Test Interview 2023 18/08/2023
215/07/2023District Recruitment Committee Duki Balochistan Interview 24/07/2023
314/07/2023Revenue Department Rakshan Division Written Test 2023 03/08/2023
414/07/2023Revenue Department Commissioner Division Test Interview 202325/07/2023
511/07/2023Cancel Test Schedule of Board of Revenue Balochistan 2023 20/07/2023
614/06/2023Revenue Loralai Division Loralai Test Interview schedule26/06/2023
709/06/2023Deputy Commissioner Kharan Test interview 202317/06/2023
804/06/2023Cancel test interview Revenue Department Loralai Division 28/06/2023
904/06/2023Cancel Test Interview Deputy Commissioner Noshki 28/06/2023
1003/06/2023Revenue Department Commissioner Khuzdar test Interview 202321/06/2023
1130/05/2023Revenue Department Rakshan Division Balochistan Jobs 2023 13/06/2023
1227/05/2023Revenue Loralai Division Loralai Test Interview 202311/06/2023
1316/05/2023Commissioner Nasirabad Division Jobs 202304/06/2023
1412/05/2023Deputy commissioner office district kharan Jobs 202330/05/2023
1509/05/2023Revenue Department Duki Jobs 2023 26/05/2023
1610/04/2023Revenue Department District Jaffarabad Test & Interview 202320/04/2023
1728/03/2023Revenue Department Rakshan Division Written Test 2023 06/04/2023
1818/03/2023Board of Revenue Test Interview 202304/04/2023
1917/03/2023Assistant Commissioner Rakshan Kharan Test Interview 202326/03/2023
2001/03/2023Assistant Commissioner Revenue Loralai Test Interview 202319/04/2023
2124/02/2023Board Of Revenue Balochistan Jobs 2023 03/03/2023
2218/02/2023Test Interview Revenue Department District Sherani Jobs 202323/02/2023
2315/02/2023Revenue Department District Sherani Interview Schedule 202320/02/2023
2410/02/2023Revenue Department District Jafar Abad Jobs 2023 10/03/2023
2504/02/2023Board of Revenue Balochistan Interview Schedule Jobs 202322/02/2023
2631/12/2022Test and Interview in Revenue Department Khuzdar Jobs 202312/01/2023
2725/12/2022Revenue Department Rakshan Division Test Schedule 202307/01/2023
2827/09/2022Test Interview Schedule Revenue Department Khuzdar 202214/10/2022
2923/09/2022Cancel Test & Interview of Revenue Department Khuzdar 202223/09/2022
3009/09/2022Extension Date in Deputy Commissioner DC Office Musa Khail21/09/2022
Total Records: 43
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