College Education Department Sindh Jobs

# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
125/11/2023Admissions in Directorate of Nursing Sindh Karachi 202318/12/2023
213/10/2023College Education Department Sindh Admissions 202325/10/2023
315/06/2023Directorate Of College Education Hyderabad Interview 202322/06/2023
423/05/2023Education Works Division Sujawal Job Interviews 2023 25/05/2023
510/05/2023Interviews For Jobs At District Education Officer 202326/05/2023
614/04/2023College Education Department Sindh Jobs 202314/05/2023
714/04/2023College Education Department Larkana Sindh Jobs 202330/04/2023
811/04/2023College Education Department Sindh Jobs 202311/05/2023
907/04/2023College Education Department Hyderabad Jobs 202305/05/2023
1002/04/2023College Education Department Sindh Jobs 202328/04/2023
1123/10/2021Admission in Sindh Govt College Education Department Sindh07/11/2021
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