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# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
106/07/2023Communication & Works Department Written Test 202315/07/2023
227/05/2023Communications & Constructiont Department Test Interview 03/06/2023
320/05/2023Project Director Southern Balochistan Package Jobs 2023 18/06/2023
420/05/2023Communication & Construction Department Written Test 202329/05/2023
511/05/2023C&W Khuzdar Division has scheduled test interview 202315/05/2023
603/05/2023C&W Mekran Division Test 2023 08/05/2023
721/04/2023C and W Quetta Division Written Test 202330/04/2023
807/04/2023Communication and Construction C&W Balochistan Jobs 202306/05/2023
905/04/2023Communication and Works Department test interview 202310/04/2023
1017/03/2023Communication and Construction Department Written Test 202305/06/2023
1128/01/2023Communication And Construction Department Duki Jobs 202328/02/2023
1227/01/2023cancel Communication & Construction Department Test Intervie03/02/2023
1324/01/2023Cancell Communication & Construction Department Panjgur Jobs03/02/2023
1421/01/2023Communication and Construction Department Written Test 202322/02/2023
1510/01/2023Communication & Construction Department District Loralai Job20/02/2023
1610/01/2023Communication & Construction Department Panjgur Jobs 202305/02/2023
1707/01/2023Communication & Construction Department killa Saifullah Jobs26/01/2023
1805/01/2023Communication & Construction Department District Loralai jOB20/01/2023
1905/01/2023Communication & Construction Department Killa Saifullah Jobs03/02/2023
2003/01/2023Communication & Construction Department Soorab Jobs 202323/01/2023
2103/01/2023Communication & Construction Department Killa Saifullah Jobs01/02/2023
2229/12/2022Communication & Construction Department MusaKhail Jobs 202313/01/2023
2329/12/2022Communication & Construction Department District Chaghi Jobs16/01/2023
2428/12/2022Communication & Construction Department SohbatPur Jobs 202230/12/2022
2527/12/2022Communication & Construction Department Jaffarabad Jobs 202330/12/2022
2627/12/2022Communication & Construction Department District Kalat Jobs20/01/2023
2724/12/2022Communication and Works Department Punjab Jobs 202316/01/2023
2824/12/2022Communication & Construction Department Gawader Jobs 202306/01/2023
2920/12/2022Communication & Construction Department Gawader Jobs 202306/01/2023
3020/12/2022Communication and Construction C&W Kech Jobs 202205/01/2023
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