Culture Tourism and Archives Department Balochistan Jobs

# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
131/08/2023Culture Toursim & Achives Department Punjab Jobs 202313/09/2023
214/07/2023Archives Department Balochistan Test Interviews 2023 02/08/2023
322/03/2023Directorate of Archaeology Museum Quetta Test & Interview 14/04/2023
420/12/2022Directorate of Tourism Balochistan Test and Interview 202319/01/2023
503/06/2022Test interview in Provincial Library Balochistan 202216/07/2022
631/05/2022Interview in Provincial Library Balochistan 202223/07/2022
731/03/2022Directorate of Tourism Balochistan Jobs 202229/03/2022
819/03/2022Provincial Library Balochistan Test Interview Schedul 202209/06/2022
921/01/2022Culture Department Balochistan Jobs 202218/02/2022
1014/09/2021Interviews Archive Department Balochistan 28/09/2021
1103/03/2021Culture Tourism & Archives Department Balochistan Jobs 202121/03/2021
Total Records: 11
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