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# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
126/03/2023Fazaia School and Colleges Rawalpindi Jobs 202331/03/2023
224/03/2023Fazaia Education System School Peshawar Jobs 202306/04/2023
312/03/2023Fazaia Degree College MRF Kamra Attock Jobs 202322/03/2023
412/03/2023fazaia School and Colleges Lahore jobs 202325/03/2023
508/03/2023fazaia degree college Rafiqui Sharkot Cantt Jobs 202325/03/2023
605/03/2023Fazaia Inter College Quetta Jobs 202322/03/2023
719/02/2023Fazaia Inter College NUR khan Rawalpindi Jobs 202325/02/2023
818/02/2023Fazaia School PAF base Bholari Hyderabad Jobs 202301/03/2023
915/02/2023FAZAIA Inter College Kohat Jobs 202325/02/2023
1005/02/2023Saleem Nawaz FAZAIA paf College Paf base Masroor Karachi Job24/02/2023
1105/02/2023Fazaia Inter College Korangi Creek Karachi Jobs 202310/02/2023
1205/02/2023Fazaia Inter College Lower Topa Murree Jobs 202315/02/2023
1325/01/2023Fazaia Teachers Training Institute PAF Islamabad Jobs 202331/01/2023
1408/01/2023Fazaia Bilquis College of Education for Women Jobs 202323/01/2023
1501/01/2023Fazaia Degree College Faisal Karachi Jobs 202308/01/2023
1618/12/2022Fazaia inter College Malir Cantt Karachi Jobs 202302/01/2023
1727/11/2022Fazaia PAF inter College Korangi Creek Karachi Jobs 202205/12/2022
1813/11/2022Saleem Nawaz Fazaia Paf College Jobs 202225/11/2022
1913/11/2022Fazaia inter College nur Khan Jobs 202217/11/2022
2030/10/2022Fazaia ( PAF) inter College Korangi Creek Karachi Jobs 202207/11/2022
2125/10/2022Fazaia Schools & Colleges Islamabad Jobs 202204/11/2022
2223/10/2022Fazaia Inter College Shaheem Campus Peshawar Jobs 202224/10/2022
2320/10/2022Fazia Schools & Colleges Jobs 202225/10/2022
2411/10/2022Jobs in Fazaia Inter College Shaheen Campus Peshawar12/10/2022
2508/10/2022Jobs in Fazaia School and Colleges Quetta 202215/10/2022
2625/09/2022Jobs in Fazaia Degree College Faisal Karachi01/10/2022
2713/09/2022Fazaia School And Colleges Rawalpindi Jobs 202216/09/2022
2805/09/2022Fazaia Schools & Colleges Kallar Kahar Jobs 202210/09/2022
2904/09/2022Admission in Fazaia intermediates College E.9 Islamabad13/09/2022
3030/08/2022Admission in Fazaia Intermediate College Islamabad06/09/2022
Total Records: 67
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