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# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
129/10/2023Sukkur IBA University Sukkur Admissions 2023-2413/11/2023
222/10/2023IBA Community Colleges & Schools Sukkur Jobs 202310/11/2023
306/08/2023Sukkur IBA University Sukkur Sindh Jobs 202322/08/2023
406/08/2023Sukkur IBA University Admissions 202324/08/2023
510/07/2023Sukkur IBA University Sukkur Sindh Jobs 2023 20/07/2023
608/07/2023IBA Sukkur Testing Services Sindh Jobs 202323/07/2023
704/07/2023Institute Of Business Administration IBA Sukkur Jobs 2023 19/07/2023
804/06/2023Sukkur IBA University sindh Jobs 202320/06/2023
930/04/2023Sukkur IBA University Admissions 202312/06/2023
1026/03/2023Sukkur IBA University Admissions 202302/05/2023
1105/02/2023IBA Sukkur University Admissions 202307/04/2023
1227/11/2022Sukkur IBA University Jobs 202212/12/2022
1306/11/2022Sukkur IBA University Admission 202212/12/2022
1425/09/2022Admission in Sukkur IBA University 202208/11/2022
1501/09/2022Admission in Sukkur IBA University 15/09/2022
1603/07/2022Admission in Sukkur IBA University 01/08/2022
1705/07/2022Admission in IBA Karachi Institute of Business Administraton06/07/2022
1819/06/2022Admission in Sukkur IBA University 15/07/2022
1914/06/2022Jobs in Sukkur IBA University28/06/2022
2008/06/2022Jobs in Sukkur IBA University 24/06/2022
2105/06/2022Jobs in Sukkur IBA University 24/06/2022
2215/05/2022Admission in Sukkur IBA University 11/06/2022
2309/03/2022Sukkur IBA University Jobs21/03/2022
2416/02/2022Sukkur IBA University JOBS01/03/2022
2513/02/2022IBA Institute of Emerging Technologies, Khairpur JOBS28/02/2022
2629/11/2021Jobs in IBA Sukkur University 15/12/2021
2712/06/2020Jobs In Sukkur IBA University Sukkur30/06/2020
2809/03/2020Jobs Sukkur IBA University Sukkur24/03/2020
2924/12/2019Test Schedule Sindh Talent Hint Program Sindh29/12/2019
3017/11/2019Sindh Talent Hit Program Sukkur IBA University Sukkur14/12/2019
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