Local Government and Rural Development Department Jobs | Local Govt Department Kpk Jobs

# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
129/07/2023Local Government Elections & Rural Development Jobs 202309/08/2023
213/05/2023Local Government Elections & Rural Development Jobs 202329/05/2023
310/12/2022Local Government & Rural Development Department Kpk Jobs 25/12/2022
417/11/2022Local Government Department Jobs 202202/12/2022
514/10/2022Jobs in Local Government and Rural Development Department 29/10/2022
610/09/2022Local Government Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Jobs 202227/09/2022
711/07/2020Jobs Local Govt Department Bannu Kpk13/08/2020
824/03/2020jobs in Local government Department kpk07/04/2020
923/03/2020Jobs Tehsil Municipal Administration North Waziristan06/04/2020
1015/03/2020Jobs Tehsil Municipal Administration TMA Ladha 28/03/2020
1115/03/2020Jobs Tehsil Municipal Administration TMA Jandola Tank04/04/2020
1213/03/2020Jobs In Tehsil Municipal Administration Razmak District27/03/2020
1313/03/2020Jobs Tehsil Municipal Administration Jamrood District Khyber31/03/2020
1406/03/2020Jobs in Local Govt Landi Kotal Kpk20/03/2020
1506/03/2020Jobs Tehsil Municipal Administration TMA Bajor 20/03/2020
1604/03/2020Jobs Local Govt Tehsil Municipal District Bajaur Kpk18/03/2020
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