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Are you a Pakistani citizen looking for employment opportunities abroad? Look no further than the Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) Pakistan. The Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC) was founded in 1976 as a recruitment agency in the public sector. It was registered as a private limited company under the Companies Act of 1913, which has now been updated to the Companies Act of 2017, Section-42. The OEC operates as a public sector company governed under the Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance) Rules of 2013, which are regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The OEC is an autonomous body that is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development. This ensures that the OEC operates under strict regulations and is accountable for its actions. The OEC's focus is to create employment opportunities for Pakistani citizens and alleviate poverty by providing fair wages and safe working conditions. Over the years, the OEC has facilitated the employment of thousands of Pakistanis in various countries around the world. Its commitment to excellence and adherence to governance principles has made it a reliable and trustworthy organization in the recruitment industry.

The OEC aims to alleviate poverty and contribute to Pakistan's economic growth by creating employment opportunities for its citizens. As a government-owned organization, the OEC is committed to providing its workers with fair wages and safe working conditions, ensuring their well-being while they're away from home.

OEC Job Portal:

One of the many benefits of working with the OEC is the ease of applying for jobs. The OEC job portal is the go-to resource for finding and applying for job openings. You can search for jobs based on location, category, or profession, making it easier to find positions that match your qualifications.

In addition to job listings, the OEC job portal also offers resources to help applicants prepare for the application process. The portal includes a section for frequently asked questions, providing guidance on how to apply for jobs and what to expect during the application process. You can also find information on visa requirements, job contracts, and pre-departure orientation programs.

How to apply for oec korea jobs.?

If you're interested in working in Korea, the OEC offers job opportunities through the Employment Permit System (EPS). The EPS is a program that allows foreign workers to work in Korea for up to four years. To apply for jobs in Korea, you must first register for the Korean Language Test (KLT) and pass the language proficiency test. Once you pass the test, you can apply for OEC Korea jobs through the OEC job portal.

OEC Jobs for Nurses:

If you're a nurse looking for job opportunities abroad, the OEC offers many nursing job openings in various countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. To apply for OEC jobs for nurses, you must have a nursing degree, a valid nursing license, and at least two years of experience. You can find nursing job openings on the OEC job portal and apply online.

In conclusion, the OEC Pakistan provides excellent job opportunities for Pakistani citizens looking to work abroad. With its commitment to fair wages, safe working conditions, and pre-departure orientation programs, the OEC is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start a new chapter in their career. Visit the OEC job portal today to find your dream job and start your journey towards a brighter future.

Contact Details:

Address:  Overseas Employment Corporation, Headquarters, Islamabad PMI Auditorium Building, Khayaban-e-Suhrawardy, Near Zero Point, G-7/1, Islamabad
Tel:  +92-51-9253245, +92-51-92532 51 – 57 Fax: +92-51-9253244
Help Desk: helpdesk@oec.gov.pk
website: https://oec.gov.pk
OEC Jobs Portal: https://jobs.oec.gov.pk/register

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