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126/09/2023Al-Hijrah Residential School and College DG Khan Admissions02/10/2023
224/09/2023University of Lahore Punjab Admissions 202320/10/2023
324/09/2023University of punjab Admissions 202302/10/2023
424/09/2023Sindh Techanical Education & Vacational Admissions 202305/10/2023
524/09/2023Lahore Medical & Dental College Admissions 2023-202424/10/2023
624/09/2023International Islamic University Islamabad Admissions 06/10/2023
724/09/2023Grand Asian University Sialkot Admissions 202327/10/2023
824/09/2023Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan BZU Multan Admissions02/10/2023
924/09/2023Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad Admissions 202325/10/2023
1023/09/2023DVM Reserved seats of Balochistan Admissions 202306/10/2023
1122/09/2023BUET khuzdar Turbat Admission Criteria Spring 202422/10/2023
1222/09/2023Associate Degree Program ADE Admissions Balochistan 202310/10/2023
1321/09/2023Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water & Marine Admissions15/10/2023
1421/09/2023Balochistan University of Engineering & Technology Admission20/10/2023
1520/09/2023Allama Iqbal Open University Autmn Admissions 2023 17/10/2023
1620/09/2023University of Peshawar Admissions Open 202329/09/2023
1720/09/2023The University of Lahore Admissions Open 202330/09/2023
1820/09/2023Punjab University of Technology Rasul Admissions 202313/10/2023
1919/09/2023Reserved seats of Balochistan university of Technology Nowsh16/10/2023
2018/09/2023Punjab Medical Faculty Admissions 2023-25 16/10/2023
2118/09/2023Fatimaa Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi Punjab Admissions10/10/2023
2217/09/2023Alhamd Islamic University Quetta Admission 202317/10/2023
2317/09/2023University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Admissions 202313/10/2023
2417/09/2023University of Sialkot Admissions 202330/09/2023
2517/09/2023University of Gwadar Admissions Semester Spring 202431/10/2023
2617/09/2023National University of Medical Sciences Nums Admissions 202320/10/2023
2717/09/2023National textile University Faislabad Admissions 202307/10/2023
2817/09/2023Leads University Lahore Punjab Admissions Open 202330/09/2023
2917/09/2023Karachi University Business School Kubs Admissions 202306/10/2023
3017/09/2023Sarhad University Islamabad Campus Admissions 202307/10/2023
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