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# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
113/02/2024Polio Eradication Program Balochistan Jobs 202417/02/2024
213/12/2023Balochistan Levis Force Killa Abdullah Test Interview 202318/12/2023
324/11/2023Chip Training & Consulting Pvt Ltd Jobs 2023 28/11/2023
404/11/2023Chip Training & Consulting Private Limited Jobs 202308/11/2023
513/09/2023District and Session Judge Killa Abdullah Jobs 202330/09/2023
602/08/2023Health Department Killa Abdullah Balochistan Jobs 202319/08/2023
715/07/2023Balochistan Levies Force District Proper Jobs 202331/07/2023
811/07/2023Livestock and Dairy Development Department Balochistan Jobs10/08/2023
915/06/2023Social Welfare Depatment Balichistan Test Interview 202329/08/2023
1008/06/2023Tameer e Khalaq Foundation Balochistan Jobs 2023 15/06/2023
1107/06/2023Chip Training & Consulting Private Limited UCDO Jobs 2023 11/06/2023
1202/06/2023Interview Schedule Local Govt Department Balochistan 202315/07/2023
1330/05/2023Health Department Killa Abdullah Test interview 202310/06/2023
1420/04/2023Balochistan Police Constable Jobs for Minorities and Female18/05/2023
1518/03/2023MNCH Balochistan Jobs 202324/03/2023
1618/03/2023Balochistan Constabulary Jobs 202303/04/2023
1716/03/2023Extension Date in Health Department Killa Abdullah Jobs 202325/03/2023
1801/03/2023Health Department Killa Abdullah Jobs 202315/03/2023
1926/02/2023School Education Department Balochistan Jobs 202322/03/2023
2017/02/2023Vocational Training Center Killa Abdullah Admissions 202310/03/2023
2114/02/2023Directorate of General Information Technology Jobs 202303/03/2023
2201/02/2023Population Welfare Department BalochistanTest Interview 202318/02/2023
2313/01/2023Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department Balochistan Jobs 11/02/2023
2411/01/2023Public Sector Oranization Killa Abdullah Jobs 202315/01/2023
2504/01/2023Balochistan Human Capital Investment Project Jobs 202318/01/2023
2614/12/2022Communication and Works Department Killa Abdullah Jobs 202213/01/2023
2701/12/2022Pakistan Red Crescent Society Balochistan Jobs 202207/12/2022
2807/09/2022Test interview in Health Department Killa Abdullah 202216/09/2022
2905/08/2022Test & Interview of Health Department Killah Abdullah16/08/2022
3004/08/2022Jobs in District and Session Judge Killa Abdullah 202223/08/2022
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