Masnoon Duain - Islamic Duain

Masnoon Duain are the supplications which have been transmitted from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). A true source of blessings, they can be recited to seek guidance, repentance, or protection, among other reasons.

Subha ki Duain

Subḥa ki Dua’i are the morning prayers which are read after waking up They are means of Islam, as they remind them to be grateful to Allah (SWT) for a new day, and seek Allah (SWT) guidance and protection.

Rizq ki Duain

Rizq ki Duain are the supplications which are recited to get sustenance. They are a means of issuing blessings and having our coming rizq blessed by the direction of Allah (SWT).

Hifazat ki Duain

The Hifazat Duain are the supplications which are said for seeking for the protection. They are a way to beg Allah (SWT) for protection from harm, physical and spiritual.

Ramadan Duain

Da’wat Ramadan is the supplications that people say during the month of Ramadan. RAMADAN MEANS A WAY TO FORGIVE AND MERCY ALLLAH AND HE HELPS PEOPLE TO FAST AND WORSHIP.

Quranic Duain

Qur’anic Duain are the supplications of the Quran. They are a way through which man dares to ask for Allah's protection, guidance and help to understand and implement the Holy Book.