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Introduction to Balochistan Residential College Uthal


Balochistan Residential College Uthal (BRC Uthal) stands as a beacon of quality education in the heart of Uthal, Balochistan, Pakistan. Established in 2012, its primary mission is to deliver top-tier education to the residents of Balochistan. This esteemed institution offers a comprehensive program of admission in Class 7th.

Distinguished by its fully residential setup, BRC Uthal ensures an immersive learning experience by accommodating all its students on its campus. This inclusivity fosters an environment of continuous growth and camaraderie. The college features separate hostels for all classes, thoughtfully outfitted with contemporary amenities. Within these accommodations, students enjoy well-appointed rooms, a well-stocked library, a state-of-the-art computer lab, a well-equipped gymnasium, and a dining facility that serves as a hub for social interactions.

At the core of BRC Uthal's success is its exceptional faculty, comprised of highly qualified and experienced educators. Their unwavering commitment to offering the highest standard of education is a driving force behind the institution's reputation. The college also places significant emphasis on extracurricular activities, recognizing the importance of holistic development. Sports, music, drama, and various other activities play a pivotal role in shaping the students' well-rounded personalities, instilling valuable life skills beyond academics.

BRC Uthal is not just a college; it's a catalyst for transformation. It stands tall as a pioneering educational institution in Balochistan, producing a trail of accomplished alumni who have ventured into diverse global fields. The college's legacy of excellence reverberates across borders, as its graduates contribute meaningfully to various sectors worldwide.

The college's commitment extends beyond its walls, deeply rooted in the soil of Balochistan. With a steadfast dedication to fostering talent, BRC Uthal's aim is to unlock the full potential of the region's individuals. By providing quality education, the institution envisions a brighter future for the people of Balochistan, empowering them to realize their dreams and aspirations.

In summation, Balochistan Residential College Uthal is not just an educational institution; it's a catalyst for growth, a cradle of knowledge, and a platform for dreams to take flight. Its legacy of excellence continues to shape the lives of individuals within Balochistan and beyond, underlining the transformative power of quality education.

Required Age for Admission:

  • Minimum Age: 11 Years
  • Maximum Age: 13 Years


Admission to Balochistan Residential College Uthal

  1. Applicants must submit an application form, which can be downloaded from the college's website or obtained from the college's office.
  2. The application form must be accompanied by the following documents:
    • A copy of the applicant's birth certificate.
    • A copy of the applicant's 6th grade examination certificate.
    • A medical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
  3. Applicants must also appear for an interview and a written test.
    • The interview will be held at the college and will be conducted by a panel of senior management and teachers.
    • The written test will be conducted by a private testing service and will be held at a neutral location.
  4. The final selection of candidates will be based on the results of the interview, written test, and academic record.
  5. BRC Uthal is affiliated with BBISE Quetta.


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Contact Details of BRC Uthal:

Phone No:


Office Address:

Balochistan Residential CollegeUthal District Lasbela



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