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# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date
117/09/2023Shah Abdul Latif University khairpur admissions 2024 21/10/2023
216/07/2023Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Jobs 202331/07/2023
302/07/2023Cadet College Khairpur Sindh Jobs 202317/07/2023
428/05/2023Khairpur Medical College Teaching Hospital Admissions 202315/06/2023
510/05/2023Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology & Skill Jobs26/05/2023
608/05/2023Cadet College Khairpur Sindh Admissions 202327/05/2023
710/04/2023Medical Emergency Resilience Foundation MERF Khairpur Jobs 16/04/2023
803/03/2023Save the Children SC Pakistan Jobs 202307/03/2023
915/02/2023Sindh Agricultural Forestry Workers & Coordinating Jobs 202217/02/2023
1025/12/2022Cadet College Khairpur Sindh Jobs 202316/01/2023
1121/12/2022Pir Abdul Qadir Jilani Institute of Medical Admissions 202331/12/2022
1215/12/2022Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology & Skill Jobs28/12/2022
1305/12/2022Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jeelani Institute of Medical Admissions15/12/2022
1423/10/2022Cadet College Khairpur Admission 202212/12/2022
1509/07/2022Jobs in Pir Abdul Qadir Institute of Medical Sciences24/07/2022
1604/07/2022Admission in University of Hairpur 17/08/2022
1721/06/2022Jobs in Pir Abdul Qadir Jilani institute of medical science25/06/2022
1818/05/2022Jobs in Cadet College Khairpur Sindh03/06/2022
1910/04/2022Jobs In Cadet College Khairpur30/04/2022
2001/03/2022Executive Engineer Office Khairpur Jobs Interview 202216/03/2022
2101/03/2022District Education Officer Khairpur Jobs 202218/03/2022
2227/02/2022Office Of The Medical Superintendent Khairpur Jobs03/03/2022
2321/02/2022Quaid e Azam Rangers School & College JOBS28/02/2022
2415/10/2021Scholarships of Deputy Commissioner Khairpur15/11/2021
2526/05/2021Jobs Irrigation Department Khairpur Sindh22/06/2021
2623/05/2021Jobs in Livestock and Fisheries Department Sindh 07/06/2021
2729/03/2021Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Sindh jobs 2021,22/04/2021
2810/03/2021PPHI Sindh Jobs 202119/03/2021
2924/11/2020Jobs Health Department Khairpur Sindh08/12/2020
3019/03/2020Jobs Integrated Health Services (IHS) Sindh24/03/2020
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