KP Jobs

# Date Posted Job Ads Last Date Action
1Nov 17, 2019Jobs Public Health Engineering Department KpkNov 20, 2019View Details
2Nov 16, 2019Jobs Public Sector Organization GPO PeshawarNov 30, 2019View Details
3Nov 16, 2019Jobs Hazara University Mansehra KpkDec 02, 2019View Details
4Nov 16, 2019Jobs Deputy Commissioner SwabiNov 29, 2019View Details
5Nov 16, 2019Jobs Frontier Corps Schools Waziristan Scouts WanaNov 05, 2019View Details
6Nov 15, 2019Jobs Forest Department Chitral KpkNov 30, 2019View Details
7Nov 15, 2019Jobs Combined Military Hospital BannuNov 30, 2019View Details
8Nov 14, 2019List of Scholarships Inter & Matric Education Department Malakand KpkNov 28, 2019View Details
9Nov 14, 2019Jobs Junior Registrar Saidu Group of Teaching Hospitals SwatDec 04, 2019View Details
10Nov 14, 2019Jobs Land Record District Nowshera KpkNov 28, 2019View Details
11Nov 14, 2019Demonstrator Required Khyber Girls Medical College Peshawar Nov 27, 2019View Details
12Nov 14, 2019Jobs Irrigation Department Abbotabad & Mansehera KpkNov 28, 2019View Details
13Nov 14, 2019Jobs Forest Department Shangla KpkNov 28, 2019View Details
14Nov 14, 2019Faculty Required Bannu Medical College Bannu Kpk Nov 30, 2019View Details
15Nov 14, 2019Jobs Buraq Technologies Peshawar KpkNov 24, 2019View Details
16Nov 14, 2019Jobs Ayub Medical and Teaching Institution AbbottabadNov 30, 2019View Details
17Nov 13, 2019Jobs Peshawar High Court, Peshawar KpkNov 30, 2019View Details
18Nov 11, 2019Jobs Public Sector Organization DI KhanNov 14, 2019View Details
19Nov 11, 2019Jobs District Public School Bahawalnagar PunjabNov 24, 2019View Details
20Nov 09, 2019Jobs Project Based Public Sector Organization Peshawar KpkNov 20, 2019View Details
21Nov 09, 2019Jobs Public Sector Organization PeshawarNov 23, 2019View Details
22Nov 09, 2019Jobs Public Health Engineering Department Mansehra KpkNov 27, 2019View Details
23Nov 09, 2019Jobs Population Welfare Department KpkNov 29, 2019View Details
24Nov 09, 2019Jobs Hazara University Mansehra KpkNov 25, 2019View Details
25Nov 09, 2019Interviews Health Department Kohistan KpkNov 14, 2019View Details
26Nov 09, 2019Jobs IT Section Lady Reading Hospital PeshawarNov 29, 2019View Details
27Nov 09, 2019Jobs Engineer Lady Reading Hospital PeshawarNov 26, 2019View Details
28Nov 09, 2019Jobs Public Sector Organization Peshawar KpkNov 23, 2019View Details
29Nov 09, 2019Jobs Deputy Commissioner Office Dera Ismail KhanNov 26, 2019View Details
30Nov 07, 2019Jobs Public Sector Organization Peshawar KpkNov 21, 2019View Details
31Nov 07, 2019Jobs University of Buner KpkNov 20, 2019View Details
32Nov 06, 2019Lady Reading Hospital PeshawarNov 25, 2019View Details
33Nov 06, 2019Jobs Health Department South Waziristan KpkNov 18, 2019View Details
34Nov 04, 2019Admissions Bacha Khan University CharsadaNov 25, 2019View Details
35Nov 05, 2019Jobs Khyber Medical College KMC PeshawarNov 22, 2019View Details
36Nov 04, 2019Jobs Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization PEO Peshawar Nov 22, 2019View Details
37Nov 03, 2019Jobs University of Swabi KpkNov 18, 2019View Details
38Nov 03, 2019Jobs Public Health Engineering Department Lakhi Marwat KpkNov 19, 2019View Details
39Nov 03, 2019Jobs Public Health Engineering Department Northern Tribal Districts KpkNov 14, 2019View Details
40Nov 03, 2019Jobs Police Department Toarghar KpkNov 20, 2019View Details
41Nov 02, 2019Jobs Northwest General Hospital & Research Center PeshawarNov 10, 2019View Details
42Nov 03, 2019Jobs Khyber Medical University (KMU) PeshawarNov 29, 2019View Details
43Nov 02, 2019Jobs Governance and Policy Program for Khyber PakhtunkhwaNov 19, 2019View Details
44Nov 03, 2019Jobs District Session Judge Swabi KpkNov 30, 2019View Details
45Nov 02, 2019Jobs Deputy Commissioner AbbottabadNov 29, 2019View Details
46Oct 30, 2019Jobs Frontier Medical College AbbottabaNov 05, 2019View Details
47Oct 30, 2019Jobs Public Health Engineering Department Northern Tribal Merged Districts of KpkNov 14, 2019View Details
48Oct 30, 2019Extension of Date Rescue 1122 Merged Districts of KpkNov 20, 2019View Details
49Oct 30, 2019Jobs District & Session Judge Kohat KpkNov 14, 2019View Details
50Oct 30, 2019Jobs Public Sector Organization DI KhanNov 14, 2019View Details
51Oct 30, 2019Jobs Tameer-e-Khalaq Foundation Kpk ProvinceNov 06, 2019View Details
52Oct 29, 2019Admissions Abbottabad Public School & College Abbottabad Session 2020Nov 30, 2019View Details
53Oct 28, 2019Admission Abbottabad Public School & College AbbottabadOct 30, 2019View Details
54Oct 26, 2019Jobs Public Sector Organization D.I.Khan CantNov 14, 2019View Details
55Oct 25, 2019Jobs Integrated Health Project Mardan, Lakkhi Marwar, Charsadda Peshawar KpkNov 09, 2019View Details
56Oct 25, 2019Jobs Pakistan Red Crescent Society District ChitralNov 03, 2019View Details
57Oct 25, 2019Admissions University of Lakki MarwatNov 05, 2019View Details
58Oct 25, 2019Admissions Session 2020 Pakistan International Public School & College AbbottabadJan 10, 2020View Details
59Oct 25, 2019Admissions Fall-2019 Iqra National University PeshawarOct 31, 2019View Details
60Oct 22, 2019Jobs Women Medical and Dental College AbbottabadNov 08, 2019View Details
61Oct 24, 2019Jobs Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Sheringal Dir Upper KpkNov 07, 2019View Details
62Oct 24, 2019Jobs Land Revenue Deputy Commissioner District Kurrum KpkNov 05, 2019View Details
63Oct 23, 2019Jobs Health Department District KurrumNov 05, 2019View Details
64Oct 24, 2019Jobs Deputy Commissioner District upper ChitralNov 11, 2019View Details
65Oct 23, 2019Interview Schedule Rescue 1122 KpkNov 12, 2019View Details
66Oct 23, 2019Jobs District And Sessions Judge CharsaddaNov 18, 2019View Details
67Oct 23, 2019Scholarship for the Childrens of Mines Workers Mines Labour Commissioner Peshawar KPK Oct 31, 2019View Details
68Oct 21, 2019Jobs Health Department, Independent Monitoring Unit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nov 08, 2019View Details
69Oct 21, 2019Jobs Health Department Merged Districts KpkNov 04, 2019View Details
70Oct 21, 2019Jobs Women University MardanNov 04, 2019View Details
71Oct 21, 2019Jobs Community Driven Local Development Program Deputy Commissioner SwatNov 04, 2019View Details
72Oct 21, 2019Jobs Health Department District Dir UpperNov 04, 2019View Details
73Oct 21, 2019Gomal Medical College Dera Ismail KhanNov 04, 2019View Details
74Oct 19, 2019Jobs Women University SwabiOct 15, 2019View Details
75Oct 19, 2019Admission Balochistan Agriculture College Quetta for KPK StudentsNov 12, 2019View Details
76Oct 18, 2019Jobs Saidu Medical College SwatOct 31, 2019View Details
77Oct 18, 2019Job Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization PEDO KPK Oct 31, 2019View Details
78Oct 18, 2019Jobs Irrigation Deptt Dera Islamil Khan KpkNov 04, 2019View Details
79Oct 18, 2019Admission Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University PeshawarOct 31, 2019View Details
80Oct 14, 2019Jobs MEDICAL TEACHING INSTITUTE. Ayub Medical and Teaching Institution AbbottabadOct 26, 2019View Details
81Oct 09, 2019Jobs in Ministry of National Food Security & Research KPK (Scale-1-14)Oct 22, 2019View Details
82Oct 08, 2019Admission MA/MSc Women University MardanOct 25, 2019View Details
83Oct 01, 2019Jobs in District Health Office Meeran Shah KpkOct 14, 2019View Details
84Sep 27, 2019Jobs in Rescue 1122 KPK Oct 25, 2019View Details
85Sep 26, 2019Jobs in Cantonment Board Risalpur KPKOct 11, 2019View Details
86Sep 20, 2019Josb in WAPDA KPKOct 05, 2019View Details
87Sep 19, 2019Jobs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority PeshwarOct 07, 2019View Details
88Sep 15, 2019Admission Notice Medical Dental Colleges of Khyber-PakhtunkhawaSep 30, 2019View Details
89Sep 01, 2019Jobs in WapdaSep 16, 2019View Details
90Sep 01, 2019Jobs in Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)Sep 13, 2019View Details
92Jul 20, 2019Jobs in National Telecom Corporation (NTC) IslamabadAug 05, 2019View Details
93Jul 12, 2019Internship by Oil & Gas Development Company LTD OGDCLAug 09, 2019View Details
94Jun 13, 2019Jobs in National Accountability Bureau (NAB) KPK & SindhJun 28, 2019View Details
95May 09, 2019Jobs in Deputy Commissioner Office District BajorMay 21, 2019View Details
96May 13, 2019Jobs in Khushhali Bank PakistanMay 25, 2019View Details
97May 12, 2019Jobs in Health Department District Swabi KPKMay 20, 2019View Details
98May 11, 2019Jobs in TransPeshawar KPKMay 27, 2019View Details